All About Food

It’s been an extremely uneventful month here in Lagos. When we first got here, Casey worked a lot and I stayed at the hotel. He went on various nightstops during the week, and I was left to my own devices, which meant reading up a storm, watching Netflix, and knitting/crocheting. (Yes, we’re able to watch Netflix here! The only caveat is that we can only see the European content instead of what’s available in the USA, but that’s not so bad.) I don’t mind sitting here doing my own thing since I’d be doing these same things back home anyway. Luckily, my crafts travel well.

But now, he’s been off for a while, and we’ve just been on vacation! Woo hoo! Per se. Since there isn’t too much to actually do here, we’ve been treating ourselves to good food! Lots and lots of nice meals. That’s what I’m going to share with you today.

The first of our many Domino’s Pizzas!! We really love pizza. That’s pretty fortunate considering that it’s one of the best foods here in Lagos (to us, anyway). It’s just as good as pizza in the US, and their delivery service is SO quick! In 20-30 minutes we can have a fresh pizza at our door. Yum.


A few months ago, Casey discovered a new restaurant called Truffles. It’s only about 10 minutes away from us, and they serve amazing food! The quality and taste is wonderful. We’ve gone there numerous times already and ate fettuccini alfredo, chicken quesadillas, mini hamburgers, fish sticks, sweet and sour chicken, mini pizzas, and more. The red drink below is called a Chapman. It’s a very common drink made of a combination of the following ingredients: Sprite, Fanta, Angostura bitters, grenadine syrup, orange juice, lemon juice, and garnished with a cucumber, lemon, or lime. It’s really quite good. It tastes like a fizzy fruit punch. Casey got a vanilla milkshake one day which was very mild but good. (I love all of his varying expressions in these pictures.) 


Another fun, new place is Ocean Basket! It’s a seafood restaurant originally from South Africa. I’d say that Lagos isn’t known for their seafood, but this place has some good quality fish, albeit imported. We’ve been twice and have enjoyed our meals. We’ve tried the salmon, fish and chips, fried calamari, and grilled sole.


We went to the Sheraton Hotel one night and they had a Tex-Mex buffet. We had chicken fajitas, carne asada, some spicy beans, and another Chapman. They also had an array of super tiny, super cute desserts which were much cuter than they were tasty. But it gave me the idea to make extremely tiny mini cheesecake slices! Adorable!


One of the take-out places we order from is called Shawarma and Co. Casey gets a falafel shawarma and I get a chicken shawarma. I think shawarmas are originally from Lebanon, so they use Lebanese bread, which is similar to pita bread but much thinner. They consist of various vegetables or coleslaw, a meat or main filling, and some sauce. Many places serve shawarmas and all of them are slightly different in flavor and ingredients.


The best cupcake place is at the mall. Other bakeries just don’t know how to make cake. At all. And then there is always COLD STONE! We love ice cream, so we love cold stone. What can I say.


Last weekend, we went to Lekki Market and Victoria Island with our friends, Jose and Ben. I wanted to do a little shopping at the market, and then we had a great lunch at the Hard Rock Cafe (of all places) and a coffee shop (again, of all places.) The first picture is outside a place called So Fresh. They have one location on the Island and another location right by our hotel. We’ve been ordering smoothies almost every day and they are delicious! 100% fresh fruit smoothies! Who would have thought there would be a place like that here. Not us, for sure, but we are grateful to have a location so close to us that delivers too. Even better!


Then we went to Cafe Neo. Casey said the coffee quality was really good. Apparently they want to open a location close to us, so hopefully that is true. He would be very happy.


I hope you enjoyed our little food tour. Food has become the highlight of our stay here, so it’s fun to find new places. We’ve been having good luck finding some quality restaurants in our vicinity. Thanks for reading!

P.S. We checked out a new mall the other day. Casey had fun trying out their virtual reality ride and a hoverboard. He said the virtual reality was just subpar, but the hoverboard was much fun.