No Man’s Land

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We are in Lagos! Again.

Our trip went very smoothly. It even had a few bright spots to cheer us up. First off, we didn’t have too much food for breakfast yesterday morning, so I made biscuits. I had never made biscuits before, but I had a craving last week, so I looked online and found a spectacular recipe. It is super easy and sooo good! They were fluffy, creamy, and lightly browned on top. Just like they should be. Just perfect! Obviously, I didn’t have a round biscuit cutter, but they tasted amazing in any shape. I don’t post recipes here, but I think this one needs to be shared. I highly recommend that you try it! Click the link:


After indulging in honey-glazed goodness, we finished cleaning and packing up the last minute items. Our plan was to take the bus and the train (metro) to the airport. Even though we had four large suitcases and two totes, we felt like we could do it. (The picture above shows Casey in the elevator with all four bags!) However, after seeing how packed the bus was, we decided that maybe a taxi was in our best interest. Luckily, there was a taxi stand just around the corner from our apartment and the bus stop, so Casey found a taxi big enough for all of our luggage. The ride was so much nicer than hauling all our bags on public transportation!


I never really posted pictures OF the apartment, so here are a few that Casey took just before we left. It was a nice place for us! Two bedrooms, family room, kitchen, and bathroom. It suited us well.

We left Valencia and flew to Paris. The Paris airport terminal was very cool with their curved ceiling.


Fortunately, we had enough time to buy some food before boarding the plane for our flight to London. We bought a ham and cheese sandwich, lemonade, and a slice of banana cream pie! I had to carry the piece of pie on board, and we realized that food is a great conversation starter. The woman who checked our boarding pass said she loves it, and two flight attendants on the plane said how good it looked. They were all very friendly thanks to the pie. Perhaps we should always carry yummy looking food to soften people up!


Casey and I both love lemonade, but we’ve had some weird and almost inedible variations overseas. One brand in Lagos tasted like PineSol to me.  Here he demonstrates his sommelier skills before tasting it, and it was decent! This French brand was not as sweet as US brands; it tasted more like pure lemon juice, but it was satisfying.


The sunset views were gorgeous! I love flying around that time because the colors and the clouds are so pretty! Casey never ceases to remind me that he (a pilot) has the BEST seat on the plane.


I really enjoyed seeing the rainbow colors in the sky. I don’t believe I’ve ever seen such a strong color gradient before.  We were over France at the time, so maybe we were at just the right angle in the world. The streak of white is a plane in the distance as well.


We just crossed the English Channel in the photo below and were now over England. I get so excited when I see other planes in the sky. The plane looks further away in the photo, but I swear we could see so much detail. We’ve been pretty close to planes before, especially when we fly in a small Cessna, but this was THE closest plane I’ve ever seen! Wow!


We had a few hours to pass before our flight to Lagos, so we walked around the airport and had a coffee and muffin. Then we went to a cute British restaurant for dinner. We enjoyed a great meal of chicken pot pie and pumpkin tortellini.


We moseyed on over to the gate and boarded a full flight. But then the best bright spot happened! We got to sit in first class!! Yeah! Casey usually gets upgraded to first class lately when he flies alone, but for some reason it never works out when I am with him. Finally it did though! I was so giddy and didn’t know what to do with myself.


We were able to sleep for a few hours and were much more comfortable than in economy. The seats even fold down and lay completely flat. I wish we’d get upgraded all the time.

Lagos is pretty festive, and there are always Christmas decorations everywhere. Even the airport got all dolled up!


We had to stop at the pilot compound to pick up all of Casey’s luggage that stays in Nigeria. I admired the Christmas tree while they gathered his things. I tried to take a panoramic picture too! I think it turned out pretty well. You can see Casey in the left-hand corner, three different buildings, and the tree. Cute! You can click on the picture to make it bigger as well, if you want.

IMG_20141220_072545PANO_20141220_072603 crop

Then the driver took us to our hotel called Devine. Casey commented that it is everything but “devine.” Tis true. Alas. The clouds were so different and pretty though!


In total, we had eleven bags counting what we brought from Spain and what Casey keeps in Lagos. Wow right? I was leaning on the bags so they wouldn’t fall out of the van.


Initially, they gave us a small room with two beds and a crappy bathroom. We got there so early this morning that they didn’t have any other rooms until people checked out this afternoon. There was nothing else we could do, so we managed and just took a nap for a few hours. Then, after checkout time, we walked around and looked at many different rooms to find one we liked more. Casey wanted a window facing north or east in order to have a better internet signal, and I wanted a clean bathroom! (You can see that technology and hygiene are our most important necessities, albeit very different from each other.) It took us awhile to find one room with both, but we finally did. Fortunately we were able to change rooms, and now we are much happier. We spent about an hour rearranging furniture and unpacking so that we have a very comfortable space. After all, we will be here for a month!


I commented to Casey that choosing a new room here is like selling your soul because there is always a catch when you sell your soul. In our case, we think we’re getting a much better room and are so excited about it, but there must be something we overlooked and might be sorry for later. It’s a dramatic simile, but I think it makes my point. Our dinner further confirms the analogy because it honestly tasted like fire! We ordered chicken with jollof rice (a spicy, tomato-based rice) and it was SO spicy! It even had a slightly grilled, charcoal flavor, just as I imagine fire would have. Hopefully we won’t regret our decision to move to this room; so far, it’s wonderful and might be the best room we’ve ever had in Lagos! (We might just have a little heartburn but that’s ok, hehe.)


Now we’re here and settled and ready for a fun-filled, fabulous, farcical month in our other home away from home! Stay tuned and I’ll be blogging about the rest of our trip through Southern Spain :)


Author: CnLsnapping

Casey is an airline pilot and professional photographer. Leanna is also a photographer and an aspiring writer/journalist.

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