Onward and Upward

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I apologize for not posting more blogs recently. I have had zero motivation to write this past week. Fortunately (or unfortunately?), I’ll have plenty of time to write in the very near future because Casey and I are flying to Lagos tomorrow! Yeahhhhh it’s that time again! We have been packing today and are pretty much all set to leave. We won’t be coming back to Valencia next month, so we had to pack up all of our things. Yikes! We have four large suitcases and two totes. It’s a lot, but we’ve carried much more luggage before. I guess you could say we’re used to it by now.

So…. tomorrow we will fly to Paris, then we will have to run through the airport to catch our connection flight to London, and then we will fly to Lagos in the evening. Travel days at their best, right? Hehe. I’ll report to you all when we arrive!

We spent the last two days with Maria and Martina, so that was great to spend some final time with them. Abel is already in Lagos, so we’ll see him soon. We hope to return to Spain sometime next year, so that will be fun to look forward to! We miss everyone already! Marisa, Abel’s mom, has been so good to us by renting us this apartment and having us over to her house numerous times. We are so grateful!

Here are some pictures of Casey at dinner last night… it’s so funny! Martina randomly started climbing on top of him, as usual. She wanted to climb up all by herself so he didn’t help her. Then she grabbed his nose in her hand. I loved it!

IMG_20141217_210628 IMG_20141217_210709 IMG_20141217_210800 IMG_20141217_210806


Author: CnLsnapping

Casey is an airline pilot and professional photographer. Leanna is also a photographer and an aspiring writer/journalist.

One thought on “Onward and Upward

  1. Professional travelers!
    Martina has a special bond with Casey, love it!
    Safe travels you two,
    Love you!


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