Back to Our Home Away from Home, Away from Home… Away from Home…


We made it to Valencia! Unfortunately, the train ride was much worse than we expected. Based on the descriptions online, we thought the seats would recline a lot and we would have a decent amount of leg-room. The truth of the matter was that only one train coach contained seats like that. That was the “business class coach,” if you will. We were in the crappy economy tourist coach with crappy seats and crappy room between rows. We also ended up in the four-seat configuration where two seats face each other, so we had another couple sitting across from us and facing us. Sigh. The upsetting part was that we picked our seats online and it didn’t show anything about the four-seat configuration, so we felt misled. Anyway, we learned the hard way and won’t be taking that particular train again, unless we definitely get better seats, or even a bed. It was a seven hour train ride, but at least it went by quickly for both of us since we fiddled around on our phones the whole time. We also ate dinner on the train and that was reasonably tasty.

IMG_20141209_222218 IMG_20141209_222454

We arrived at the nice, ripe time of 4 AM! And we rode our bikes back to our apartment! It was dark, chilly, but the streets were devoid of cars, which was wonderful. We got home in no time at all. The train station was pretty at night.

IMG_20141210_042331 IMG_20141210_042338

Now we’re back to the old routine of Casey playing computer games and me doing laundry and cleaning and complaining about cleaning. Hehe. I plan to blog about the whole trip and post the good photos soon though. We took 1,659 pictures!! Isn’t that awesome? I’m proud. I hope we got some good ones!

Anyway, I have a question for you all. Did you enjoy the smaller, more frequent posts? Do you prefer the less frequent but longer posts? Any preference? I could try and post smaller posts more often if you like that, or stay with my usual long posts… let me know if you have any comments about that.


Author: CnLsnapping

Casey is an airline pilot and professional photographer. Leanna is also a photographer and an aspiring writer/journalist.

7 thoughts on “Back to Our Home Away from Home, Away from Home… Away from Home…

  1. I like the smaller posts :)


  2. I like the variety….shorter posts along the way, then the grand finale at the end!

    Thanks for asking!

    Welcome back home:-)


  3. I third that, the shorter posts! It’s hard for me to read through the long ones and I fall behind. But I often have little spurts of time here and then at work. Thanks!!! Don’t you sigh about cleaning either missy, you are cleaning in SPAIN!!! :D


  4. I would rather have shorter, more often blogs as they are easier and less time consuming for me to read. Just a suggestion. So enjoyed hearing about your trip, and all the lovely pics that you sent. Keep up the good work. Love you, GJ


  5. I would prefer the shorter versions. Only because I receive your blog on my cell phone; therefore I can read it anytime and anywhere (even when I’m shopping, so I can read it). Somewhere in between would be good. Not too long, Not too short! Hee hee


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