Destination Málaga + Food That Isn’t Dessert


I didn’t know what to write about today! We had an uneventful train ride from Ronda to Bobadilla, and then switched trains from Bobadilla to Málaga. I think you can click on any of these pictures and it will make them bigger. I’m not positive, but give it a try and see. If so, you can click on pictures in previous posts as well if you want to see a bigger photo.


We arrived in Málaga and ate at a mall called El Corte Inglés. This is a chain that is all around Spain, so we’ve eaten here before in Valencia. Casey ordered a well-prepared salmon filet and I ordered something crunchy which I thought was chicken, but turned out to be beef or veal. We’re still not sure. But it was tasty with some spaghetti on the side.



Now we’re at our hotel relaxing and deciding what to do tonight and tomorrow! And the time has come to decide if we want to head back to Valencia or keep going to another city as well. Hmm!


Author: CnLsnapping

Casey is an airline pilot and professional photographer. Leanna is also a photographer and an aspiring writer/journalist.

4 thoughts on “Destination Málaga + Food That Isn’t Dessert

  1. What? No dessert?? (hee hee).. Glad you’re having fun.


  2. Such good options to have!
    …..I’d vote to keep traveling!


  3. Your dishes look yummy! What wonderful food they must have in Spain. I didn’t realize how tasty it was. Sorry I missed all of Spain. I don’t speak Spanish, so figured we could skip that country. Anyway, enjoy and have fun whatever you decided to do. GJ


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