Puente Nuevo


This is the beauty of Ronda! We hiked down and around the bridge on a trail and took some beautiful pictures. (These are just from my phone.)




“Puente Nuevo” is the name of the bridge and it literally means “new bridge.” There is a Puente Viejo or “old bridge” that we might try to find. It’s much smaller and older, as you may have guessed. Also, the weather is cold here! We’re in a more mountainous region now, so that probably contributes to part of the temperature. The other part is that a cold front came in yesterday all around Spain, I think, so we had some rain here. Luckily today has been sunny, just a bit breezy and cold. Of course, you see that Casey is in a short sleeve shirt in the picture above. He got too hot on the hike and took his jacket off. He’d make a perfect explorer with his hot-blooded-ness. Tomorrow we leave this fair city in the hills and head to Málaga on the coast!


Author: CnLsnapping

Casey is an airline pilot and professional photographer. Leanna is also a photographer and an aspiring writer/journalist.

4 thoughts on “Puente Nuevo

  1. I saw these pics while waiting for a stressful meeting to begin- I wanted to whisk myself away there to escape!


  2. Dearest Lea and Casey, That is breathtaking, and Casey appears to be Bissed out!!! Right on !!! I want some of those made into posters for dear old Dad!!! I gotta visit that place for sure!!!
    Love you both, Awesome experiences you two are having!!!!! I want to BEEEEE there!!!….




  4. Europe has such old and beautiful things to discover. So glad that you both are seeing as much of the countryside that you can. Enjoy! GJ


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