Casey in Spain


I am very anxious to get caught up to the present time! Let’s see how much I can write today.

When Casey and I returned from Sweden, he had four days left until he needed to leave for Nigeria. Actually only three days. Travel days don’t really count in my book. We spent the remaining days tidying up, doing laundry, going to the market, and then relaxing. We live on the eighth floor and have to dry our clothes on a clothesline that hangs outside our window! Eek! I never liked this to begin with because we’re really high up, it can get windy, and… we’re really high up! It feels weird sticking half my body out the window to pin clothes to a rope. Casey’s long wingspan makes it easier for him, but I’m usually the one doing the laundry. Long story short, today was the day that my fears became justified because both of his workout shorts blew away in the wind! I was quite miffed. Luckily, they both landed where we could see them. One landed on the bottom floor in somebody’s porch, and the other one landed on someone’s clothesline around floor three. We spent a couple hours trying to get those shorts back by figuring out whose apartment it was and seeing if they were home. We wrote notes and slipped them under their door if they didn’t answer. Sadly, we only ended up getting one of the shorts back. The other one is still MIA. After this incident, I demanded that we get a drying rack so more clothes aren’t tempted to fly away. Whew. Right before we got the drying rack though, I had to dry clothes outside one more time and I got a little clothespin-happy…


We went to the market to buy Casey snacks for Nigeria and some food staples for me. We found premade pancakes which tasted like Twinkies without the filling to me. I gave the rest to Casey. It’s always interesting to observe what is different in each country, and these soda bottles hanging from a rack was just that.


The next day, we went to one of our favorite restaurants called Cien Montaditos. It means “100 little sandwiches.” You can deduce that the restaurant specializes in little sandwiches and they do have 100 different combinations! You write down the numbers you want, order at the counter, and then pick it up. Super quick and easy! And the food is good. I think they make their own fresh bread, so that’s great to start with. Then you can have little burgers, chicken, jámon, cheese, shrimp, squid, chorizo sausage, hot dogs, and more. It’s a great way to sample new flavors since you don’t have to order one big sandwich. We also got an appetizer of french fries drizzled with cheese sauce. Different, but tasty.


After that, we rode our bikes to the park and played a wonderful game of frisbee! It was a beautiful day, and it’s a lovely activity that we can do together. There were a lot of people walking by, and many of them stared at us. One couple even stopped and watched us for a while. I’m not sure if frisbee is uncommon here or if they just found us interesting. Either way, we had a lot of fun. On the way home, we stopped at a bakery next to our apartment and got a couple treats: I chose a small cake and Casey chose a coffee mousse. What a cute package it was too!


On Casey’s final whole day here, he got to choose what we did and we really had a good time! Casey wanted to go on a bike ride, so we rode to our little Antique Café in the center of town. We ordered a slice of carrot cake which was delicious. Then we went to the market on the way home to buy more food for me. We loaded up our bike bag, and he put a carton of milk on the rear rack of his bike. The milk here comes unrefrigerated and in cardboard containers, just like in Lagos. I wonder if the US is the only country which refrigerates their milk in plastic containers? You can also see that Casey looks extra snazzy in his photo because I cut his hair that morning! Now he’s ready for a whole month in Nigeria.


We went home after that, but it was still early in the afternoon, so Casey suggested that we ride to the beach. I would have been content staying in, but I wanted to treat him before he left. I’m glad I did though because it was actually a nice ride and fun to see the beach for a change.


There were four or five beautiful sandcastles as well! It looked like people made them and then sat nearby with a hat out or something to collect donations. Casey didn’t want to stop so he took these pictures while riding his bike. Here we have The Last Supper and a traditional castle. They did a really good job.



We sat there for a little while and then decided to head back. We planned on meeting Maria for dinner, so we needed to start riding. I guess it took about half an hour to get there and longer to get home. I wanted to go back a different way, but I unknowingly took us on a much longer route. Oh well. We got more exercise!


We met Maria and Martina for dinner at a great little restaurant right across from their house called Zum Zum. (Zumo means juice.) They have sandwiches and crepes and absolutely the best fruit smoothies ever. They juice all of the fruit themselves, and they have about 30 different combinations. It’s so good! Well anyway, we were visiting with Maria while Martina ran around and tried to get our attention. At one point, she started climbing on Casey and it was so funny! I think you can see for yourself that she was having a good time.


And that was that. The next morning, we woke up and Casey got ready to leave. His flight left around 2 PM, but he needed to take the train to get to the airport, so he left around 11 AM. I wanted to go with him, but I was already crying, so it was best that I stayed home and we said our goodbyes here. We’ve been doing this for years, but I’m still such a softy.

After he left, I ate cereal and comforted myself with my Girls. They sure do know how to cheer me up! They were also the entertainment for dinner too. Speaking of which, I made one of my favorite Spanish sandwiches! It’s very simple: fresh bread, pesto sauce, tomato sauce or tomato slices, and queso fresco (“fresh cheese”). That’s it! I’d never really tried queso fresco before, but it’s a soft, creamy, very mild flavored cheese. It doesn’t really taste like cheese actually. The sandwich tastes much more like pesto and tomato with some unknown creamy element in there. Very good. I made another version of it the next day as well.


It was a short few days but well-spent with my dear Casey!

The next chapter will deal with my time alone in Spain! Stay tuned.


Author: CnLsnapping

Casey is an airline pilot and professional photographer. Leanna is also a photographer and an aspiring writer/journalist.

5 thoughts on “Casey in Spain

  1. I’m sorry I’m just getting to reading all of these in their entirety. I often browse the photos quickly and I am always left chuckling and hungry it seems. Thank you for finding the time to do this! And that is SO sweet that you still shed a tear when your beloved leaves. Hopefully it won’t be long until you have no more tears! Maybe I’ll find out more about that as I keep reading… PS. You are SO CUTE with sweet Martina *hint* *hint* Love you both!


  2. How funny Shorts MIA; Hanging out over 8 stories, no way! The park I Love; and the sandcastles, wow , great artists! You both do eat well!
    Great pictures! Love, Dad………………


  3. I love your guys’ comments!

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  4. For some reason, hanging clothes from the 8th floor, seems romantic to me…..ha ha, what do I know!
    Martina is obviously not shy anymore, and I think it’s so funny how she takes to Casey!

    Leanna, you must recreate that Spanish sandwich back in Camas.

    ….& finally, the beach scenes looks so clean, & I loved the sandcastles.

    Mama Rose


  5. I couldn’t stop laughing about Casey’s MIA shorts. Toooo funny..

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