Day 296: Aerial Bastards, Ear Doctors, and a Lizard


I didn’t realize how long it’s been since I last wrote a blog post! Has it really been almost 100 days? Where has the time gone? Wow. I should wait two more days and then it will be exactly 100 days later. I feel like writing now, and I don’t want to lose this motivation, so let’s get to it.

Casey and I had a fairly uneventful March here in Lagos. We ended up going home at the end of March though and spent April in the states. Jose, our friend from Spain, flew to Los Angeles and spent a couple weeks with us flying around the west coast in a Cessna 172XP. It was a really crazy trip, but we had a good time! Here are few pictures of the crew. I made shirts for us too to remember the trip.



Now we are back in Lagos preparing for another adventure. We are planning on moving home soon! In a couple weeks actually. The flying is really slow here due to a surplus of pilots and too few aircraft, so we’ve decided it’s best to cancel living here full-time and go home. I’m quite happy, of course, but I am a bit disappointed that we didn’t reach our goal. That goal was to have Casey fly a lot, accumulate hours, and upgrade to captain. But… what can you do. The company has been promising more aircraft for years now and they still haven’t shown up, so we think it’s best not to wait around aimlessly for who knows what. As he says, we should be enjoying our lives! We’ve been quite career-oriented the past six months, which caused us to move here in the first place, but now we need to be flexible and get out of this one room shack.

Casey is already out of here, actually. He’s in Sweden right now for simulator. So why am I by myself in Lagos? It’s weird to think I’m all alone in this country. Well, I really wanted to go to sim with him, but he convinced me that the trip was too expensive for such a short amount of time. We wouldn’t have much time to sight-see, and I’d be in the hotel room for most of the day. Granted, I’d rather be in the hotel room in Sweden than in this room in Lagos, but I reluctantly agreed with him. He also promised that he’d take me back to Sweden for a real vacation soon.

In the meantime, I’ve been hanging in there! I’ve cleaned a little bit… packed a little bit… priced some of our items to sell them… read a lot… and watched a couple movies. This is the fifth day without him and, I must say, I have just about reached my limit on alone-time. The hardest part for me is eating alone. I love cooking, but I only love cooking for someone else. It’s not worth it to me to make meals JUST for me. Silly, right? But I’m remembering to eat three meals a day because I know he (and our families) would want me to :)

Anyway… let’s talk about the title of this post. I haven’t really been “alone” here, and I want to discuss those things keeping me company. There are aerial bastards in the kitchen. Casey came up with this nickname yesterday. They are little gnats who refuse to leave me, and my food, alone! They are bigger than gnats in the US, but much smaller than flies, so I assume they are the Gnats of Nigeria. Whatever they are, they are annoying! They fly around very quickly, and then land somewhere and hop around like they’re having a spasm. And yet, when you swat at them, they don’t really care. They just hop around and don’t seem to mind you trying to hit them. That makes them pretty easy to kill, but they are relentless. And no matter how many I kill, there is always one more flitting around. I don’t know where they come from. Yesterday, I was eating a PB&J sandwich and one would not let me be, so I set out another plate for it with some breadcrumbs and jelly. I figured he’d settle on his plate and be content, but no, he still wanted mine. Maybe it was the peanut butter he was after…

Next, the ear doctors are in the bedroom. Thankfully, we don’t have a mosquito problem in this apartment building, but every now and then we will get one in the room. They are very small and very fast. We won’t see them for a while, and then suddenly it will whizz by your ear! You can clearly hear the buzz of its wings, or whatever is buzzing. It’s extra irritating when you’re trying to fall asleep and you hear BUZZ right by your ear. As their name suggests, perhaps they are just checking out your hearing. Mine is working fine, which is unfortunate when they’re right by your head.

Even though Casey is not here, I feel safe and comfortable in this complex. I know my way around our room and kitchen. The housekeepers and security guards are very nice to me, so they would help me out if I needed anything. But I do hope that nothing will break down while he is away, like the AC, oven, or fridge. Luckily, everything has been working fine, but last night I had a little scare. I was in the bathroom getting ready for bed, and something rustled the shower curtain. I thought I accidently brushed against it, but it happened again while I was a good distance away. I slowly peaked my head into the shower and made eye contact with a lizard! It was quite small, three inches max, but still, it was a lizard! That’s the first one that’s ever been in our room (to our knowledge). It was fleshy pink with two, beady, black eyes. It stared at me from behind the loofah. I was a little scared of it, but then I realized that it was probably scared of me too. So I started talking. I brushed my teeth and kindly asked it not to crawl on me. It could stay in the bathroom, but preferably not near the bed. I saw it climb out of the shower and stand next to the toilet and then, before I knew it, it was gone. I’m not sure where it went. Maybe it scurried behind the bathtub, but I couldn’t find it the rest of the night. I felt like Dorothy talking to the mouse (a reference my sister will understand). I had a gift! Or maybe… maybe I was just lonely from not talking to anyone for a while. But hopefully the lizard heard me and felt better about being caught trying to take a shower. Who knows.

So those have been my little adventures around the apartment. I wish I had pictures to accompany them, but maybe it’s better to use your individual imaginations. I thank you for listening to me. Casey will be home in a few days. Then we will finish packing, organize the rest of our items to be sold (a housekeeper has agreed to continue selling them for us while we’re gone), and get on a plane headed for Las Vegas. What a June this will be!

I’m not sure what I’ll blog about after we leave Lagos. Very little in the US will seem blog-worthy, I imagine, but you never know. Maybe something will surprise me. Since Casey is going back to his rotation schedule, we plan on traveling a lot when he’s on vacation, so I may write about wherever we visit. Until then, my dear readers, have a great summer!


Author: CnLsnapping

Casey is an airline pilot and professional photographer. Leanna is also a photographer and an aspiring writer/journalist.

3 thoughts on “Day 296: Aerial Bastards, Ear Doctors, and a Lizard

  1. Leanna dearest,
    I love the title! I happen to have a whole family of lizards living here; as you know! Look up lizard totem; they represent to pay attention to your dreams, and follow your own intuition regarding subtle movements in consciousness. Also, detachment, as you are experiencing! I love those green shirts! Can’t wait to see you two!
    Love, dad…………………….


  2. Leanna, I’m so glad you have a sense of humor……Ariel Bastards, that’s ‘Saturday night live’ material! I grew up with lizards, but I must say, I wouldn’t enjoy seeing one in my bathtub either!

    Please keep writing, I love your stories & pictures!

    Hang in there for two more days!



  3. This was my favorite blog ! I couldn’t stop laughing about the Ariel Bastards (just love the name)!!! Being alone is not fun, but left alone in Lagos?? Well, few more days until Mr. C returns.. HANG IN THERE KIDDO!!


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