Day 184: Tasty Celebrations


Happy Valentine’s Day! Casey and I had a lovely day yesterday. He was off from work, which made it great to begin with, and then he surprised me with breakfast! He made adorable heart-shaped pancakes with chocolate chips and dried cranberries on the side. They tasted great and were just too cute :)


In the afternoon, the maintenance guy from Arik stopped by to fix our AC unit in the kitchen. The panel broke months ago, and we’ve been waiting for a new one. He fixed the panel the other day and then came back yesterday to add more gas to the system. I guess these units need gas, similar to the refrigerant in cars, to make the air cold… I don’t really know how it all works.

Anyway, he fixed it and we asked him to take us to a produce market nearby. We’ve been trying to find a good source of produce for the past six months, and this guy finally knew a place! So we drove him and picked out lots of goodies: white onions, carrots, bananas, tomatoes, apples, mangoes, and a pineapple. We got potatoes a few days ago but they ended up in the picture as well. There was a lot of traffic to and from the market, so Casey relaxed in the car while we waited (in the photo above).


We dropped the AC guy off at the office and then went home to make dinner. I had a special meal planned. It was the same Chinese dish that I made for Christmas: sweet and sour pineapple chicken! Absolutely delicious. As soon as I get my food blog going, I will post the link to the website for the recipe. Mmm. (And yes, I’m working on the food blog.) Casey snapped me in my lovely apron. Thanks, Barb!

After dinner, what else could I do but make dessert! I sent Casey upstairs so it would be a surprise. Can you guess what I made? Mmm again… cherry cobbler! Nana’s famous recipe, of course. Oh my gosh, Casey was in heaven, as you can see from his excited expression when he walked in the kitchen. I was pretty happy myself! It’s been a long time since we’ve had cherry cobbler. Doesn’t it look pretty!


Somehow, the batter turned out much thicker than usual, so it was more like cherry cake instead of the usual gooey/juicy cobbler. Either way, it tasted fantastic, so we were very pleased. (Mom, you might like the cobbler this way since it has more texture.) We didn’t have any half-and-half to pour over the cobbler, but we did have heavy cream that I was planning on using for whipped cream for another dessert. So it was either skim milk or heavy cream to go with the cobbler… and yeah, I chose the heavy cream. It was just one day! Don’t give me a hard time. You would have done the same, if you like cream with your cobbler, which I do. I won’t do it every night, but once for a special occasion seemed okay to me. Casey had a little splash too. We had a wonderful day and three great meals! I hope you had a good Valentine’s Day as well!



Author: CnLsnapping

Casey is an airline pilot and professional photographer. Leanna is also a photographer and an aspiring writer/journalist.

2 thoughts on “Day 184: Tasty Celebrations

  1. Sweet Valentines….Casey & Leanna, pure love with all your cooking!


  2. awwwww how sweet. Boy you guys do eat good! I’m so glad you had a wonderful Valentines day. Love mom D:)


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