Day 162: Homemade NY Style Pizza



Since Lagos doesn’t have the best pizza joints in the world, I’ve been researching pizza dough recipes and finally found one that looked promising. That seems like an understatement now. After having made a few pizzas, it is AMAZING! Way past promising. It’s bubbly, crispy, chewy, and tastes really good! I think it definitely rivals restaurant quality, and Casey said he’d gladly pay for it. We’ve had pizza the last three days in a row, so I think that speaks for itself.

First, you make the dough and it gets all yeasty and gassy. Then you let it sit for some 18+ hours and divide it into little balls of sticky goodness. Apparently, it “gets better” after a few days of sitting in the fridge, so we let it sit in there and got all anxious waiting to try it. I made some pizza  sauce (a copy of Papa John’s), Casey grated the mozzarella cheese, and popped that good lookin’ thing in the oven! 10 minutes later we had New York style pizza! Mmm!


The next day, Casey topped his half with pineapple chunks and Spanish chorizo (a gift from his amigos). He said it was delicious! We are supremely happy with this recipe, this discovery, this creation of culinary bliss! Maybe that’s an exaggeration, but not by much. This is a good example of the positive things that come out of us living in Nigeria. If I was in the US, I probably would never even think of attempting to make my own pizza crust since we have great restaurants right around the corner. Here, I’m forced to come up with new recipes if we don’t want to eat chicken and rice every day. I look forward to making this pizza again for our families with the hope that they will like it too! (And I really think they will.)

Buon appetito! :)



Author: CnLsnapping

Casey is an airline pilot and professional photographer. Leanna is also a photographer and an aspiring writer/journalist.

10 thoughts on “Day 162: Homemade NY Style Pizza

  1. Miss Leanna, Okay, please consider auditioning for the casting of MasterChef 4! I’m not kidding, you’d be perfect! Check out the website! Meanwhile, your dishes continue to delight us. I’m ready for a new pizza recipe.


  2. So, since this has become a “Foodie” blog, why not post these amazing recipes? Or are they secrets kept in the Heart of Darkness? Looks so good! I had the best meal tonight at Lucille’s BBQ! Don’t you miss the restaurants! Love you, come visit soon!


    • Haha, I thought about posting the recipes, but I didn’t want it to turn into a true food blog… but I guess that’s the direction it’s turning into anyway! Might as well roll with the changes. That’s a great title you came up with though: “Recipes from the Heart of Darkness.” I doubt anyone would buy that! Yes, I do miss the restaurants… it’s funny because I never really enjoyed going out to dinner, but now I would looove to go to a good restaurant! Interesting how perspectives change.


  3. That looks really delicious!


  4. Chef Leanna,
    Wow! My mouth actually started to water, that pizza looked awesome! I wish you were here to fix pizza! I made a pot of sauce today, italian dinner time! Your kitchen looks great! Can’t wait to see you two1
    Love, Dad………….


  5. It looks Yummy.. Good for you guys! can’t wait for you to make some for us.. Maybe I can have mine with some onions and pepperoni.. yumm..


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