Day 141: Good Morning, Lagos



Casey and I drove our car to the office this morning! This was the view as we left our neighborhood. The sun is always bright orange in the morning, probably because of all the sand in the sky. It’s summer now, and that means that the hamatan is here. During this time, the sands from the Sahara desert are blown across the sky, creating low visibility and dirty cars. Nigerians love a clean car, but Casey and I don’t mind a little dirt, so we’ve left it looking rugged.

He had to work today, and I needed to do some office work. Why? Well, we found out last night that Casey is going to Sweden next week for simulator! He is due for recurrent training, and they squeezed him into a sim spot. I went to the office to start my paperwork so I can go with him! I’ve been dying to go to Sweden ever since I started watching Ingmar Bergman movies with my sister. (We love foreign films.) I’ve been wanting to accompany Casey on his once or twice a year trips, but I was still in school. So now is my chance! If all goes well, meaning if we get the necessary signatures in time, we will fly to London on Saturday and Sweden on Sunday. Simulator takes three days, and then we’ll be back in Lagos on Thursday. I’m so excited!!

For once, Casey got dealt great simulator times. Since there are so many pilots who need training, sim schedules can be at any time of the day or night. The last couple times he went, he had sim in the middle of the night. This time, fortunately, he has it in the morning, so we can tour Stockholm the rest of the day! YAY! Can you tell how excited I am!

It’s a short trip, but still thrilling, even in the dead of winter. I think there will be very little sunlight as well since Stockholm is so far north, but I’m looking forward to it. We will go to the office tomorrow to check on the progress of our tickets. Casey’s shouldn’t be a problem, but mine might be a little more work. I get discounted tickets, so there’s always a little more hassle with that. Wish me luck!

In the meantime, I’m getting things ready at the apartment. I couldn’t find any housekeepers this afternoon, so I did some laundry by myself. I’m not used to powdered detergent, since we use liquid in the states, so I wasn’t sure how much to use. I think I did alright. The clothes look and smell clean, so I guess that’s the main thing. A couple housekeepers had returned by the time I started drying the clothes, and the dryer was taking forever, so I just took the clothes out semi-dry. They are air-drying now in our bathroom. Casey should be home from work soon, so I should start dinner. All is well here at House 69!

Here is one last photo that I’ve been meaning to post. I bought Casey velcro stickers for something, and he’s been using it for everything! It’s cute. We’ve velcroed all of our keys to the wall for easy access and have added stickers to personalize them. We have the kitchen – la cucina, our room – la casa, and the car key. Isn’t it fun? These are the little things that make us happy.



Author: CnLsnapping

Casey is an airline pilot and professional photographer. Leanna is also a photographer and an aspiring writer/journalist.

4 thoughts on “Day 141: Good Morning, Lagos

  1. Velcro stickers! The simplicity of Happiness! I love it!!!, Yes Sweden was good to you both!
    LOve, Dad……………..


  2. I hope you get to go too Leanna, as change of scenery in another country is always a good thing. I’m glad Casey got a better sim time as well!


  3. I think I’m more thrilled than you are that you get to go to Sweden!!!! Oh GOD, I really hope all goes well, so you can go. I’ll pray & pray for you my love…


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