Day 136: Penne Alla Bolognese


When Casey and I were in New York in September, we bought cases of Contadina crushed tomatoes and tomato paste to make my Dad’s Famous Sauce. That is his brand of choice. Since the cans finally arrived with our car, I decided to make a big pot last night for dinner (the usual amount my dad makes). It turned out great! I added some ground beef to make it a meat sauce, so it was thick and hearty. I really wanted to make meatballs, but the beef here doesn’t taste quite the same as it does in the states. I don’t want the beef to be the star of the dish, but it tastes fine in sauce, chili, or tacos since there’s plenty of seasonings to make it better. We didn’t have spaghetti, so I used penne pasta instead, cooked to al dente perfection. Incidentally, that’s my mom’s pasta shape of choice, so here is a dish to honor my parents.


We almost went to the market to pick up a fresh baguette, but I decided to try to make homemade rolls instead! I was a little nervous, but this recipe for Parker House Rolls had great reviews. Mine looked nothing like the picture online, but it turned out really well! Casey and I were both pleased. They were a very basic, soft dinner roll. They didn’t have too much flavor on their own, but tasted great with some butter and dipped in sauce. Mmm. Who wouldn’t love a soft roll covered in sauce? Luckily, we have tons to eat up now. I put some in the freezer and still have plenty sitting out at room temperature. Half the sauce is in the freezer too. It was a successful culinary evening! That always makes me happy.


This blog has a lot more pictures of Casey than it does of me, which makes sense, since I’m the writer. I always enjoy looking at him, so hopefully you do too.


Yummy penne alla bolognese con pane! (Penne pasta with meat sauce with bread.) Also shown are our nice Corelle dishes…


And lovely wine glasses courtesy of my papa! Casey’s been enjoying the glasses, so thank you, Dad! We also bought the same wine stoppers that I bought for my dad, and they work out very well. Best wine stoppers ever. You can see our drinks of choice. How pretty! And so tasty too. I can’t wait for dinner again tonight…



Author: CnLsnapping

Casey is an airline pilot and professional photographer. Leanna is also a photographer and an aspiring writer/journalist.

5 thoughts on “Day 136: Penne Alla Bolognese

  1. Wow, looks just like Home!!! Great dinner, Bon appetite!
    LOve you both, Dad………….


  2. Yummm.. Gosh the sauce looks good as Dads. it looks like you guys have everything you need (even the wine glasses)!


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