Day 8: One Week Today

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Since today is Thursday, it marks one week since we’ve been in Nigeria! The time feels much longer for both of us though. It’s been an interesting start…

We traveled across the US and then across the Atlantic Ocean, landed in a third world country with all of our belongings, arrived at a foreign apartment building with no food, semi-remodeled a bathroom, ate and showered at a pilot compound, shopped for food three times within the week and still feel like we don’t have enough, and deeply contemplated our surroundings. Not to mention the actual work Casey is doing when flying.

We’re not sure what our next step will be. We took a closer look at the kitchen in our building yesterday, and it desperately needs some work. The cabinets need fixing, there are no appliances so we need everything, shelves need to be put in the pantry, and everything needs to be cleaned. I’m afraid that there’s some mold around the ceiling of the pantry and around the base of the kitchen itself. It’s hard to tell if the paint is just chipping or if it’s more serious. The room has been locked up for who knows how long, so it smells very musty. Not a good sign.

It’s also hard to find management to talk to. Everyone is busy or they don’t return Casey’s calls. The guys who work here are super helpful but, unfortunately, they can’t make any major decisions without the boss’ approval. We’re kind of left on our own to figure things out, but still we can’t do whatever we want whenever we want. I also found out that Arik is leasing the building from someone, they don’t actually own it, so that’s another reason why things are hard to accomplish.

Anyway, since I’m housebound, I decided to snap some fun photos around the room.



It’s already late in the afternoon, but I must eat something for lunch… and then I must contemplate what to eat for dinner. As you know, we’re in a state of limbo at the moment between being at House 69 permanently or moving to the compound temporarily or longer. Therefore, it’s difficult to buy enough food to last a long time. We don’t want to keep our food in the kitchen, but we have limited space up here in the room, so we’re stuck with cereal and sandwiches, mainly.

Alas, maybe the next time I write, I’ll have better news to share. In the meantime, enjoy a photo of Casey chomping on his turkey and cheese sandwich! Technology is great (when it works)… Casey is in Abuja, I am in Lagos, and you are reading this post!



Author: CnLsnapping

Casey is an airline pilot and professional photographer. Leanna is also a photographer and an aspiring writer/journalist.

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