Day 6: Tuesday

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Casey was off today! He thought he would have to fly, but the company decided to have him attend a meeting instead. We didn’t have any cereal left upon waking up, so we got ready and walked to the pilot compound to chop (which means “eat” in Pidgin English). The walk was about a mile one way. We got a late start since we slept in, so they served lunch items: jollof rice, steamed veggies, bean soup, and spaghetti bolognese. Casey and I had spaghetti, bread and fruit salad, and I tried the jollof rice, since I am a huge fan of the dish. This particular version was not as spicy as ones I’ve had before, but it was still decent. Just more mild.

After that, we grabbed a pineapple tart for dessert and went upstairs to the bar area to relax. An Arik driver came shortly to take us to the office for the meeting. Of course, we arrived early and the meeting wasn’t close to starting. We decided to walk to the domestic terminal (nicknamed MM2) in the airport and buy me an Etisalat sim card so I could have a Nigerian number and internet. By the time we got there and ordered a smoothie, Casey got a phone call that the meeting was ready to start, so we took the smoothie and walked quickly back to the office. I chilled in the lounge for a little bit, and Casey snapped a photo of me before going off to the meeting, which was about emergency procedures on board the aircraft. He didn’t necessarily learn too much, but management wanted to make sure that all of the fleets were on the same page with emergency protocols.


Once the meeting was over, we walked back to MM2 and registered with Etisalat. I now have a Nigerian number! Yay! I probably won’t use it very much, since who can I really call, but it is cool nonetheless. We decided to treat ourselves to some soft serve ice cream at the KFC across the street. The added bonus over there was the good air conditioning! MM2 was pretty hot and humid inside. The ice cream was cold, creamy, and delicious. I noticed a trash can nearby and the sign amused me. When we finished our treat, we used the can as instructed. I also snapped a photo of the signs outside the restrooms because they were cute and unique.




I bet you can guess what we did next too! We hopped in an Arik vehicle to take us back to our flat, but decided to go to Goodies again! We desperately needed more cereal and milk for breakfast, so we got some Tasteeos and Lucky Charms. Casey also decided to try their turkey lunch meat for sandwiches and got 100g worth, which was four slices of meat, just to try it out. I made him a sandwich later with sliced cheese, honey mustard, and wheat bread, and he said it was tasty! The lettuce was from a salad we had leftover, which worked out quite well.


We made more spaghetti for dinner in the kitchen next door, and met some other guests. They were very nice and said we could use their kitchen with no problem. That made us feel more welcome. We watched some TV while we ate and thoroughly enjoyed ourselves.

Casey only has to fly two legs tomorrow, so we’re going to bed at a decent hour :) It’s nice to write shorter entries instead of such huge ones like usual. I wish I had done that sooner, but this is a good start!


Author: CnLsnapping

Casey is an airline pilot and professional photographer. Leanna is also a photographer and an aspiring writer/journalist.

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